portfolio + digital painting

krita 2016 art book

This is a piece that was selected for the Krita 2016 Art Book. Krita is an open source painting program that I have started using and this is actually the first painting I have done using the software. It was selected as one of forty pieces to be featured in an art book from artists all over the world.

Troll in a Forest Troll - Detail 1 Troll - Detail 2 Troll - Detail 3 Troll - Detail 4 Troll Process

fantasy rpg inspired portraits

This portrait series was inspired by character sprites from 8-bit style RPGs that I have played. I tried to use different styles and techniques as I built up these images. All of these pictures were sketched on paper and then brought into Krita. They are all works in progress and will be updated in the future.

Knight Knight - Detail 1 Knight - Detail 2 Knight Process
Mage - Detail 1 Mage Mage - Detail 2 Mage Process
Ranger Ranger - Detail 1 Ranger - Detail 2 Ranger Process